Thursday, April 2, 2009


McLarens : honestly i lied to many colleagues.poor them for trusting me 100%.whatever it takes,i dont care and i dont give a shit! hahaha...

tai : i had given u 2 pairs of white baju kurung which belongs to my youngest sister,Aina. i know it dont suit u at all.hehe...sorry babe,that is the best i can find .happy BTN!

tek llt : we should hang out! i dreamt of you last night. when were our last girls's day out?owh...alamanda

wahid : please wahid, do keep some sweets inside your car. or maybe tune in the radio to full blast. you are easily to fall asleep, i dont want it to be happen again while you are driving.bahaya mkcik oooiii.....

lily : i appreciate our friendship for the the past 2 weeks. you were really cheered me up and do keep in touch!

jaswinder : u made my day! lets bowl! u cant beat me...haha

faizal & red : these two young men are talented singer and we should karok again sometimes. =) i loike..

peter lee : i went for movie with peter and his 'boyfriend'. ermm....i let them sat next to each other and thank god nothing happened.hehaha...

shell : please.....please...and again please 10x.. dont call me!

fatin : you owe me cupcake.

ismail : thanks for the hot chocolate =)

housemates : my red baldi was missing. i searched everywhere and cant find any. korg sorok eyh? for gee, your sambal was awesome....its finger licking good!

sya : sorry for that day.i was supposed to meet you right? i am terribly sorry bad =( dont judge me for this once wrongdoing.hehe...i make it up for you next time okay?

nauwar : i dont know what to say.....


isyaNIA said...

at first, i did mad at you
but then i know
you got reason for that
apology accepted
jgn susah ati lagi

~*sofiah shahuddin*~ said...

nape xtau nk ckp pape kt nauwar??

irakyoko said...

sya :

thanks sya! ati suda sng

tek lalat :

ermm..still tinking