Thursday, March 5, 2009


we met on 13 feb 2009 and i didnt aspect nizar would join us. febby came with her new hair style whilst farah looked a bit shy and seldom talk. but several minutes later she began to smile and laughed as if nobody's was there. noor kept nagging about his belly which we considered it as her fake belt. hehaha...but dont worry noor, ure still the most matured among us and because of u, we would normally hanged out together and stay keep in touch. sadly, mimmie and liyana were not joining us due to workload at office.

fr left : febby aka dagu, angie, noor, farah

noor, farah, nizar, dagu

i was told by a friend that there is a karaoke place called ebox at carrefour sri petaling. why im so excited? because they offered a really reasonable and cheapest price compared to other places. i was there yesterday and a week before. furthermore, my house was approximately 6 km away.hehaaha....suke! suke! who want to join me let me noe okay?im honoured to become your duet partner sometimes...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i've made a big decision on 21 Feb 2009....
n now i feel relieve
no more eugene
no more thava

i started to believe...people sometimes can be really mean in order for them to save their ass
i prefer just to keep quite and stay low