Saturday, February 14, 2009


i received a new challenging case yesterday.its really pissed me off as i was not good with machinery breakdown. their excuse was to get me familiar with those stupid machine! aishhh...overflowing of water tank damaging the sprinkler first, i was speechless and i just stared,feeling numb. i waited for a while in a hope of maybe they cancel the thing. but it was fixed assign to me.

as i arrived at the affected basement area, the water tank room was flooding with water 3' height. shit! shit! shit!..xkan aku nk berenang kot.luckily, the building management arrived together with the big, after finished drying water, there's come my part. i pretended i know everything but the truth was, zero!hehahaa...luckily everything turned well =) yaey...

enough for this boring story..

last night i met with dean,eleanor,fad and payen at PUTRA bus station. they were heading to Kelantan after a short break at Genting and Low first, i planned to had a karaoke session with them but had to cancel due to stupid case i received, to waive my feeling of guilty, i send them back.woohooo....bus anda di hadapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan sekali! and yes their bus was the first among the others.

yaaaa.....someone told me my skin looks tanned.hehaha..go to Langkawi now,then u know.Langkawi was really super duper hottttttttttt!..i cant stand the face burned and it turned reddish and after it while hitam terus...=(

im so glad meeting with them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

im so sorry for not going to attend your so called birthday pary at Uptown Damansara schedule this weekend are fully booking by my youngest sister who is going to MRSM Langkawi tomorrow.the acceptance letter was late to arrive and me, nalia have to help her preparing and packing things fast.

sorry again from a piece of my heart and wishing you a very woonderful bday and may you pass your upcoming exams with flying colours. we will meet again this coming June and planning something havoc okay? =)

im going to Langkawi tomorrow and taking leave for two days.weee.........

this picture was taken last week on 30 Jan 09
from left : noor(bday girl),febby and angie =P

new home

ding ding ding!

i had been avoiding this blog for almost two weeks.thanks sya for tagging me.i'll do my best to finish the task. =)

finally, i moved to cheras! more stucked in jam every morning,i saved alot of time instead of staring at my car's steering , i indulged myself sleeping in my new IKEA's room.hehahaa...previously, i had to travel fr rawang-office-rawang and it took a total of 70 km! and now i shortened it to 19.4 km!! im now become a new Taman Midah, Cheras residence together with 4 other housemates (suzen,nawal,fidah & azhani).the house contains with 5 rooms,2 bathrooms,kitchen and a living hall. everythings were okay except for parking area. all of us own car and the porch only suit for 2 cars =( . we have to squeeze our cars and let the perimeter gate wide open in order to park our car under one roof. our home is the only one which have 5 cars in front of the house and to get thing worse, some neighbours also had asked us about the matter and we just answered, '5 ladies with different offices'.