Tuesday, January 27, 2009


currently im listening more to oldies song especially from channel ASTRO 861. its really calming and i imagined myself lying naked on the beach,no one watching and wind blow strongly till i sleep.hiheee....bogel tau!

i noticed here especially when my father awake after his not- so- usual-nap, he will straight away wash dishes.hehe...strange huh?thought maybe its happen on certain circumstances,but after my observation for the past 5 years,my father's fav activity after napping is washing dishes.okay...so i know now,if after this, i see my father is going to take a nap, i 'll prepare and put some dirty plates and mugs inside the washing basin.hehaha...

oopsss its time. cavenzi!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Atuk saya

atuk doraemon saya meninggal dunia pada pagi jumaat ini jam 3.50 pg.inilah pertama kali saya menangis melihat seseorg dlm ahli keluarga saya pergi...

saya tidak dapat menahan sebak dan terpaksa meninggalkan bilik jenazah muslim,hospital selayang untuk keluar mengesat air mata yang tidak henti henti keluar...

mata atuk doraemon saya terpejam rapat seolah olah tiada lagi rasa terkilan wujud...

terlihat seperti senyuman terukir di bibir atuk doraemon saya...

atuk doraemon saya pergi dgn tenang dan urusan pengebumian berjalan dgn amat lancar diiringi dgn cuaca yg baik dan dingin...

atuk doraemon saya bertuah kerana pergi pada hari jumaat, penghulu segala hari...

pemergiannya amatlah dirasai...

semoga roh arwah Syed Harun Bin Syed Nong Alhabshi dicucuri rahmat oleh-NYA dan ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang-orang yang soleh...AMIN

Thursday, January 22, 2009

oh time...

my days lately were too hectic. no time to reply sms, even sometime i'd lunch while driving.this is what happen when we normally work for private company. weekly target must be achieve and everyday enquiries have to settle. some people think i look thinner than usual, but i'd just weight myself and nothing's changed. still eligible for blood donation.hiheee...ermmm, i really miss my routine, blood donation activity together with cikgu. lama x derma darah =(

but nway, this is what i promised in the last post; FORENSIC 5TH BATCH REUNION!

we had a small gathering on 10 January 2009 at Chicken Hatz, Times Square.sepot was the organizer and we managed to meet at 3.30 pm . there were 9 of us who currently working in KL,Selangor. some cant make it such as tai,nawal,suzen,fida...and quite a number of them.i was the first to arrive and as usual wahid was the last to be there.we were really suprised and shocked after we saw bul's new appearance.hehahaha! bul a.k.a awie the short body builder...he was wearing a ray-ban with his haircut ala2 bajet usher and sleeveless just to show his not-so-tough muscle...euuuwwww!

see....our kepala hilang!aiyaaa....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

there were a lot of things happened these couple of days...

1. lunch at Pullman Hotel, putrajaya last friday

i was assigned to inspect the water damage at this hotel. when i first looked at the address, PUTRAJAYA! whooo....i should call tek llt + tai + wahid ( she was in klantan during that time ) since they worked nearby, my plan was having lunch together with them. and so after i finished my work there, the finance manager, encek Khairin asked me, "Sharifah, why dont u join us lunch, our chef is testing his new menu and i would like u to be our tester" hehe..free food huh! and i said "ermmm, actually i had other plan. i'll having lunch with my friends" the time showed 12.55 pm..encek khairin said again "owh wonderful, bring ur friends here. lets lunch together. " hehaha...and i straight away called tek llt and tai to come to the hotel. we were having lunch in restaurant called 'the village' whereby it was located on the lake. the view was really nice and too bad i forgot to take any picture of that. =( however, the hotel was not officially open to public. we were the first testers to put some comments on the food. huhu..bangga!

Pullman Hotel

p/s : sowie ladies, we havent had much time to borak2 that day.

2. Dinner at Ayutthaya Restaurant, Damansara Heights last friday

it was a thai restaurant and believe me the food was really amazing. i had too much of rice and i cant help myself to stop eating. actually, my department was achieving the annual target and my superior was happy and decided to have a dinner . to my surprise, some of my chinese colleagues were eating 'Petai' . i didnt realize it until petai was brought to our table. they ate petai like they were eating nuts. hehaha... it was fun to have all people in my unit having dinner together since we cant really have a nice chat during work days. everyone was busy with work. yaaa yaaaa...i work with a private company and since it is a private, work is everything for them. cant blame them, it just a way of survival. nway, i put some pictures ...

one more event happened but now i am so sleepy. to be continue.....off to bed!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


support malaysian band!

woohooo....eh over plak...

i'd been introduced to this band by one of my girlfriends back in USM. i really like their songs.since then, im always imagine myself playing a guitar on the stage and singing as well. yaaa...this band vocalist is a woman namely liyana and according to my friends(boys), she looks cute in real person and born with a good voice. but maybe someday, instead of using 'liyana', why dont switch to ira??hehe...berangan =P

well, nway for those who are indie music fans, yeah,ure looking on the correct band.ESTRELLA!!

STAY by Estrella

Sounds straight from the twilight

Has me up all night

I can’t

Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of you

And I saw a shadow, outside my window

And it’s you!


All my sorrows flew away,

Hush keep quiet hear me say

I don’t ever want you to go

Please stay

With the moonlight dancing free

And there’s no one but you and me

There’s no reason to go astray

Please stay-bridge

Making up a story

It’s the way you’re looking at me

If you think that this is funny

It’s just you

Try and think about it

If your heart is closed don’t lock it

Keep your keys back in your pocket,

think this through

Repeat c/o

Friday, January 2, 2009


i watched 'Australia' last night. hugh jackman is really hot!waaaa...wolverine!he got these not-so-huge muscles which can show how strong and sexy he was.hehaha... i tot its only for 2 hours movie but i was wrong.instead of 2 , it was actlly 3 hours!i must say, its really worth it to spend every single penny on this movie.however, this comment its not to include the 'King George'.hmm...watch first, then only u noe.

today i felt like a bird flying across the sea, going down the hill without fear, jumping like a kangaroo in Sahara desert,dive into the sea and bump into the giant whale....wawawawa...i was happy as one of my cute colleague said this phrase to me, "im gonna miss u" he said just after we finished work before the new year holiday. he was really serious at that time.no funny face and i dunno how to react. 'blush'...hihee..and it happened again today. i walked pass him to the main entrance and he stopped me and said, "wait for me,we walk together"...lalalalala...yes,he is cute =) and i prefer him to wear spec, looks more adorable.

we'll see what would happen next.....