Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The good old days

yesterday we met to catch up everything we had missed this few months back. i was late to arrive but still manage to watch movie on time.we watched 'bedtime stories' and the movie was funny and hilarious.

actlly its not what im going to point here. it just that, we had grown up!hehe.. during our time at USM, we always imagined how we will going to be after graduation. is it the same like Sex and the city?4 different kinds of women struggle to achieve whatever they wish for. anyway, i am really really happy to meet with them yesterday. it reminds me the old days back in USM.

we were really enjoyed all times all over again 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008 and now you guys still remember how much fun we had growing up?remember how....

- we used to 'karok' and sleep over at HEP until morning.
- we had managed a 'game' for tai's birthday and created a treasure hunt. tai was order to do 'jalan itik jawa' straight away to HEP and then the rest of us waited for her behind the door pretended she cant see us.hehhaa...but actlly she can see us!
- remember during exam, we stand at the first line before the hall entrance so that we can be the first student to enter the hall

- we always put a 'gelaran' to the chosen people and easy for us to 'ngumpat'...najib-bontot-besar-tp dah x besar-tp da besar balik-suka pompuan biasa je..we say it only for one breath!
- remember how we used to have rotation for whos gonna be the host for 'sahur' and 'berbuka' activities. we never missed each sahur although some of us maybe 'cuti' on that particular day.
- if anyone of us had any event or maybe a presentation to conduct, we always support and cheer and did some 'ombak'.

-we have this one weird habit where during hugging, our hands either on each buttock or chest area (i assume everyone knows where is it)
- we would find any new restaurant to try on. but erez always be the number one choice. hehahaa..

there are too many to list and count for...those days were good and now the new challenge has just begin....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah 1430"

say YES to creativity

nowadays people work 24-7 and needs everything to be fast , easy, and yet to be beautiful...from bills payment to eating place selection,prefer it to be not fussy, just one click and no sweat at all. we live in the fast-paced world of technology until technologies now change so quickly that the new become old and seasoned.

letme present to you guys a mobile furniture namely 'Casulo Mobile Living Furniture' . It was created so that people can easily shift their furniture with ease during house moving. im not this company marketer or sales girl for this product.i am quite amazed with this creation and i think it will give a good response among quick with no time and simple person type. hehaaa...apa nih?

check it out...

a casulo box

wait...wait...dont go anywhere

Open up the box

everything in one box

stood in stunned silence? (curik ayat Romeo & Juliet)

creative and simple

a bit more


yeah....its cool right? a smart way indeed....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

ellen & portia

i browsed on many websites and was stumble upon this video..ermm, same sex marriage. they love each other very much and decided to get married after California overtuned to ban gay marriage. i love ellen degeneres show.its funny and relaxing show, plus ellen looks more like meg ryan in real..whilst portia de rossi is a co-star in arrested development. this series is not like any other teenage series (OTH, OC, Gossipgirl etc). Its totally different but one thing in common, both are funny.nway, i quote some of people opinion about this marriage....

  • "If marriage means everything, it means absolutely nothing. It will mean nothing to same-sex as well as opposite-sex couples. The current decline of the institution of marriage will be accelerated. Increasing numbers of couples will elect to simply 'live together'." Dr. James C. Dobson, of Focus on the Family.
  • "This sort of marriage is not in the best interest of children." "God has a plan for marriage and this isn't it." "Allowing this kind of marriage will pave the way for all sorts of moral depravity." Comments from the 1960s on the interracial marriage of one man and one woman -- Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving.

well, think about it...

these people are some of my neighbours in Segambut. my family and i went to the said place after 13 years moved to rawang. i was shocked to discover that they were still recognize me ...huhu..not much change huh?however, i was unable to meet with my 2 closest friends during primary school as they are studying abroad..=( people called us '3 pengawas bengis'.hehaha....we were not prefect actlly.we were just pretend to be one..we hold pen and a notebook and wrote down any bad student's name..weird huh?but still other studs scared of us. hehaha..klaka

Sunday, December 21, 2008


ding dong bell...! wedding day!

what is the ideal age to get married?i dont have any answer for this.perhaps, we shud ask cik tai who i think will be the first among us!hiheee...well, today i attended a wedding ceremony here in rawang. my neighbour, Aza who actlly i didnt aspect to get married this soon, tied a knot today with a guy-who-seems-desperate type.hehahaha...some friends of mine envied with her and said "dah jodoh x ke mana" some also said "laki tu da kawen, aza ni bini no. 2 dia"...poor aza,people judge her from her body size. maybe i shud put some photos here. will understand more better...

see...i think aza looks cute in maroon. whatever is this, may aza has a wonderful marriage and happily ever after. cinderela la plak.

my schedule today quite packed...eventually i didnt aspect to hv any plans today. as far as i concern, sunday morning, i wake up late.btw, early today i played netball! was an ages since my last game.when huh?hmm....well, we managed to get 2nd place but the true is we were supposed to win!..i mean we were only defeated by 1 goal! 7 - 6..aiyaaaa..cant blame anyone.we played like shit for the 1st game..nervous?i dunno..apa2 jela..saket ati nih!

this is my loyal team since form one ...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i have a really big big big huge one knows,except for one particular human being resides in ###### hmm...cant tell more.may trigger a riot among really mean it.once people know, i think i might move to north pole, hiding until i die. hehehe....i must say that im not regret it and im also not encourage it. secrecy is my expertise. i always keep it to myself, dunno how to reveal things. i used to know a guy and he once told me that "im dealing with a understanding difficult person"which he refered to me laa. what ever la my long as im not hurting other people. did i? hehehe...that one i cant sure 100%!

cikgu mimi not into writing actlly. kinda suck back then during my schooldays... but the only year when i really like writing was form 3. hehee...i had this one female teacher namely cikgu Mimi ( bontot dia normal je). she was really encouraging and adorable in the sense of the way she teached me. that was the only year i loved BAHASA MELAYU. (but i havent experienced sleeping late just to write pantun tek llt)...kih3
i never slept during her marks were always highest. no...its true! x tipoo...i kinda of admired her =)...hope i'll bump into her anywhere or maybe her house is broke in by some culprits or bursting of water pipes inside her house or landslide ke or fire damage....hahahaa...nk jp punya pasal,doa plak.sorry cikgu!

what a story! boring huh? ya i noe..i am running of idea..nevertheless, i try to put in effort here.practice writing make perfect one day..should gimme credit okay..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i tripped my feet and fall at the staircase knee was bleeding and it was really hurt! sowie aai, i dropped your precious mug =( my pants was torn and im quite sure people around will thinking how clumsy im today. From tomorrow onwards, my in front partner wont be round anymore. i'll miss you a lot!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

i fool myself today.really i am....

i went to marks and spencer klcc today to inspect one case. i assume that only me as a adjuster to be there.unlucky, one poyo man from cunningham was also there carrying the same duty as me. i was on behalf of M&S whilst poyoman on behalf of KLCC. gler gelabah! siyut jeee....

poyoman : u r from?
me : mclarens
poyoman : im fr cunningham

should see his round face when talking. really annoying.he acted like he knew everything.shittt la wey! the management there were a bit suprise when i arrived. they thought maybe a guy who can climbed up inside the ceiling and inspect the damages. then i arrived, wearing long skirt+high heels. hehhe...dey, around there also got contractor.why ask me to panjat?he can do maaa and take photo for me and give technical report to me. simple rite?M&S happy, KLCC happy, me also happy...the more the merrier!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


macet! macet!

A word i learned last week back from Jakarta. It means traffic jam. On 14 Nov till 17 Nov, my family n i was on vacation to Jakarta. We went to Ancol, Mangga Dua, ITC, Tanah Abang, Monas...n other places that a bit difficult to pronouce.It was really enjoyable, and for those who like to shop with a cheap price, this is a place! I mean for the time being laa...since i heard Bandung is more cheaper when comes to shopping. some say 'Heaven'...Anyway, the people were really warm, sweet, helpful and humble. not to mention, some Indonesian were too proud hang out with bapak2 from Malaysia. i was too shocked to see Toyota Vios as a Taxi vehicle and most of the cars on the road were kind of expensive cars.HONDA,SUZUKI SWIFT,MAZDA,LEXUS...ermmm...sape ckp indon miskin nih?heh! but sadly when comes to poor people, i saw some houses were made of from boxes and was located under bridges, along railway station and river. contrast to rich people, their houses were too big like a castle and a household can own upto 7 cars! Luckily, Malaysia has never had a big gap between rich and poor people... =)

we were shopping like a maniac people. was really cheap.Imagine one nice flat shoes only cost for 10 ringgit?so, i bought 2 pairs of those kind of shoes and a pair of Topshop skinny jeans, Kate Moss collection cost for approximately 50 ringgit!! awesome man! we bought alot as we were too crazy looking at the prices.

so, folks...lets plan for Bandung!! im dying to go....

ps : piccas will be up later.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

malaysian's team rawks!!

wow...i was watching amazing race asia just now..n guess what? our team is among the top three!yuuhuu.go Tania! go Ida! it was really suprising as the boys from spore, cant even finish the rope challenge task. "i cant do it, my hand cramp " ngeee...what a shame man!

the one and only malaysian team left.
go babes!
those days during my childhood times, i used to wear 'spender' or in the proper word 'panties'. hahaha...hey, i felt cold,calm and cool! 3C..imagine okay, i played masak2 with 2 boys which apparently brothers and one singh girl next door. no shirt, even singlet or bra to cover my upper body. doubt, till now i missed those moment =(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 wages are not enough!! why?? i love to shop,eat,............................! i need 4 K and above!hahaha...aiyohh, why lorr? tek llt, banje?


someone really persuade me to have a blog. he kept telling me blog is a way to share ideas, make friends with even do business with people around the world. hehe....what a big mission huh? world? It sounds like a dusty dark place but its really just like a filing cabinet that is easily accessible in a couple of ways. =P dont get me wrong, i definitely 100% agree with you. =)) before this i knew nothing about blog, i used to email, downloading, surfing, chatting, read people's blog. i barely do any other than that.

finally, in terms of respect and trustworthy, now i present to one and only journal that is available on web! do enjoy it.i have alot to tell......
days pass to soon..near to mid of november. im not sure actlly what i want. aaiighhhss...wahid is here! someone to laugh with. pity wahid, wont have much work to do.just sitting there wondering when can punch patience my dear. enjoy your precious time now. once patrick come and give u the magic paper( one that contain details regarding new loss), you will bz like hell!!..

cases i went to observe:

  • malicious act to lift (fire)
  • lightning strike cause damage to lift
  • bursting water pipe
  • goods in transit (theft)

those were cases i went so far. maybe after this i wont wear high heels to work. need to climb and check the damage. i need to look professional in the sense of talking, appearance, confidence...hmmm, i learn alots working here...but the pay is not enough... =(

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Table of benefit

i was having an exam at sek men st john today.well, quite tricky and the questions sometimes quite straight forward.however, before entering the hall, i received a call telling me i was not doing my work properly. yes! i admitted it as i was really forgot. i had to finish pft cases which is due next the same time, PA cases as well. managers have different way to satisfied them. manager 1 telling me to correct this particular part. manager 2 asked me to amend the different part. as for the whole morning, i just sitting in front computer, finishing the first letter!goshhh...yaaa, i noe . u have too many cases to handle. but sometimes, please dont let me carry the responsibilities alone. try to get your 'other' staff to do it...

im really sorry. =(

please speak louder and clear. i really cant hear you!

Monday, November 3, 2008


okay now..before this i had wrote a quite lengthy blog which mostly dedicated to my new colleague. i proud of him =).anyway, my bloody laptop here kinda annoying most of the time. without notice, suddenly its hang and all i wrote will gone. sh#@4$%%^1!!! cool now.

back to the basic, yes of my course mate back in usm. we studied together although we are not in the same age as he is 3 years older than me. he planning to do master under dr.jayaprakash which i think is a good supervisor BUT must really particular in work. i was his mentee while did my fyp. i knew him and really adored him as my own father. he corrected my spelling error, made my sentence more flowery, suggested me a better solution.ermm...and i got A's!! huhu...

well, aai, before u start your master, please prepare yourself. u must be extravaganza hardworking if u wanna do under dr. jaya.. i'd gone through and im not going back..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

as i am sitting in front of my laptop, wondering what will happen to me tomorrow..goshh...
i keep remind myself, ' be strong ira, show them who you are'. i saw people resigned every week, some of them were not tough enough and some know how to create their future. Otherwise, am know, ive a long journey to discover a lot of beautiful things ahead. dont make male/female as a reason to not succeed well. i picture myself in 5 years from now as a strong horse with a big thorn...hahahha...ya rite! mat jenin =P

3 months now and i gained a lot of things. meeting different kinds of people; annoyed, happy, weak, ....however, there's a lot more to venture, as i was moved to a different department.more cases to handle, a short due date, a fierce manager( i think so ), more production..

well, thats all for my first entry. not bad huh. thought maybe a sentence only. =)